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Video Competition

ERC Videos

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They are not in the competition Unfortunately for us we can't submit our own videos!!!

Europe à la Carte

You Have To Eat It ALL

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1st place goes to...


2nd place goes to - Ringmasters of the European Union

3rd place goes to - l'argent avant le peuple



We are looking for new, creative and original ideas and to deliver the message:

"You Cannot Build Europe Without the Consent of the Citizens"

Send us your video!

Send us your videos, they can be as funny or as serious as you like. You can use actors or have none. Use weird props as many as you can make.

Have just words or no words, just sounds or send us a silent movie. Show us your feelings towards the EU in pictures. Create your own animation, mini musical, action film or comedy. Let there be a monologue or dialogue. You can make your film in black and white or colour; it could present the future or look back to the past. Just make it original!


1st Prize = €1000          2nd Prize = €500          3rd Prize = €250


  • Above all the video should deliver the message of the ERC – “You can’t build Europe without the consent of the people.” and "We want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty."
  • The quality of the video will be judged however the idea behind the video will be more heavily weighted. We can always help to redo the video after the competition! 
  • Language – videos can be sent in any European language. The video should either be easy to translate or it should communicate across the language barrier.
  • The video should be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Express what you know about Europe and/or your feelings towards the EU.
  • The video should not have been previously published, for example on YouTube.
  • Delivery
      • Entrants must provide the following details when entering the Competition: name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, declaration that you agree with the terms and condition.
      • The deadline for the delivery is 30th April 2008
      • We prefer that you send us a link to where you have uploaded the video and then we can download it. There are many websites which provide this service including:
      • Email - you can also send the video (up to 6MB) to: video-competition(at)
      • Post Burn your video to a CD/DVD and send it to:
            • Democracy International
              113 rue du Trône
              1050 Brussels

      • Please be aware that proof of delivery does not equal proof of receipt. We shall confirm all receipt of all videos sent to us by email.
      • All videos should be submitted with a decleration stating that you have agreed to the competition's terms and conditions. Please see below.


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