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Report on Ratificaiton Status of Lisbon Treaty

Contrary to popular belief there are still other states except Ireland who have still not fully ratified the Lisbon Treaty. One country which is often said to have ratified the treaty but actually and surprisingly has not is Germany. Other countries yet to ratify the Treaty include Poland, the Czech Republic and of course Ireland.
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O charakteru EU po Lisabonu

Přeložili jsme článek Anthony Coughlana, který byl vypracován ve spolupráci s právními experty o podobě Evropské unie po schválení Lisabonské smlouvy. Článek je k dispozici zde...

ERC Booklet

Our Czech translation of our booklet "The EU an the Lisbon Treaty: Making a Weak Democracy Weaker"  by the organisation Mehr Demokratie provides background information on the democratic aspects of the Lisbon Treaty and on the European Union in general. Download a copy for free by clicking on the picture above.

Court Cases

There are several court cases being carried out throughout Europe against the undemocratic ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty.  For more information click on the links below.

United Kingdom

ERC video journal:  EN  /  FR  /  DE

Read article here: Lisbon Treaty - EU democratic process in question



See the ERC videos on our YouTube Channel ERC2videos in English, French and German. - Go the ERC video channel


Here you will find an overview on all campaigns that fight for a referendum on the EU reform treaty in different EU countries. -  Read more


16 March 09 - EN No campainger to contest June elections
Libertas leader Declan Ganley has announced that he will stand in June for the European Parliament elections. He has stated that he wishes the elections to be a Europe wide vote on the Lisbon treaty. Read more...

7 March 09 - EN The EU will have to surrender to survive
In the British Telegraph newspaper MP Gisela Stuart gives a very accurate description of the EU today. She concludes that “The European Union is in danger of being crushed by the current economic and democratic crises unless Brussels starts to give power back to the member states”. Read more...

6 March 09 - EN MEP says second no could force Ireland to leave EU
British MEP Graham Watson from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe has said that if there were to be another no in Ireland against the Lisbon Treaty they could be forced to withdraw from the union. If you love tattoo ideas and septum piercing then please visit!!Read more...

18 Feb 09 - EN Czech lower house passes Lisbon
The Czech Chamber of Deputies has passed the Lisbon Treaty, with 251 in favour 61 against and 11 abstentions. Read more...

12 Feb 09 - EN German judges take a critical look at Lisbon
Over the past two days the German Constitutional Court has heard opponents and supporters of the Lisbon Treaty argue their case. So far comments have suggested that the judges have been quite critical with the treaty. The verdict from this hearing is likely to be given at the beginning of the summer. Read more...

2 Feb 09 - EN Czech opposition party thinking of Lisbon referendum
Leader of the opposition Social Democrats (CSSD) Jiri Paroubek, has conceded that a referendum on the Lisbon treaty could be held in the Czech Republic. It is thought that the Czech people would agree to the document therefore bypassing the opposition to the document in the parliament. Read more...

28 Jan 09 - EN/DE New court case against Lisbon in Germany
Germany's constitutional court has been handed a second complaint over the EU's Lisbon Treaty with the potential to delay the country's final ratification of the document for several months. Those filing the complaint argue that a prognosis on European integration given by the country's constitutional court in a 1993 judgement on the Maastricht Treaty - which paved the way to the euro - has turned out to be false. Read more...(ENGLISH) (DEUTSCH)

23 Jan 09 EN Czech senators plan new challenge against Lisbon
Czech Television has reported that senators from the ruling Czech ODS political party will present the Czech Constitutional Court with another challenge against the Lisbon Treaty. In November last year the court ruled that seven articles of the Treaty did not go against the Czech Constitution. The senators shall put forward new articles which have not yet been looked into by the Constitutional Court. Read more…

20 Jan 09 - EN/DE German court sets date for deliberation on Lisbon
On the 10th and 11th February the German Constitutional Court shall deliberate upon the constitutional complaints against the Lisbon Treaty brought to it by CSU MP Peter Gauwelier and political party Die Linke. Read more (ENGLISH) (DEUTSCH)

14 Jan 09 EN ERC Holds Seminar in Czech Senate
Yesterday the ERC held a seminar together with the Senate of the Czech Republic on the democratic issues surrounding the EU and Lisbon Treaty.

Read our press release here.  For more information on the seminar itself, click here. Tisková zpráva zde. Více informací o semináři k dispozici zde.

3 Dec 2008 EN Czech MEP Fajmon in favour of referendum on Lisbon

Czech MEP Hynek Fajmon would welcome a referendum on the Lisbon treaty not only in the Czech Republic but in all EU countries. People should decide if Europe should be their reference government. While parliementary ratification, the representatives´approach to the Treaty should be based on the political programme of the party on behalf of which they were elected. More in Czech...


26 Nov 2008 EN Czech Supreme Court Resolution on the Lisbon treaty

Czech Supreme Court finds no contradiction between 7 articles of the Lisbon treaty and Czech constitutional order. Read here... (in En), v češtině zde...

25 Nov 2008 EN Austrian Grand Coalition issued a "self-destruct clause" referring to any future referendum in Austria

Any disagreement between Austrian coalition conservative (OVP)  and socialist (SPO) party on organizing referendae on any issue will result in a dissolution of the government. Read more...

24 Nov 2008 EN 88 million euros to help EU sell Lisbon Treaty

The European Commission has launched a proposal to spend 88 million euros on information campaigns, including support for the Lisbon Treaty. According to the  Communication of the EU Commission it proposes to launch "civil society projects", with the overall objective of supporting the ratification process for the Reform Treaty." Read here... , and here...

21 Nov 2008 - EN Sweden ratifies Lisbon Treaty
The Swedish parliament ratified the Treaty on 20th November with 243 votes in favour, 39 against and 67 deputies absent or abstaining. Read more...

4 Nov 08 EN More than half of Czechs against Lisbon Treaty

According to the latest poll carried out by STEM, Prague, about 55 percent of Czech population are against Lisbon Treaty and only 25 percent understands its consequences for EU. 45 percent admits they are unlikely to know even the very core of the Treaty. Read more..., v češtině zde...

30 Oct 2008 EN Czech court pospones debate on Lisbon treaty on Klaus's request

The Czech Supreme Court is expected to deliver decision on the Lisbon Treaty on 25 November 2008 instead of 10 Nov as had been announced. The reason being Mr Klaus´s planned visit to Ireland and Saudi Arabia. Read more..., v češtině zde...

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